Ductcalc.Ca Premium

What you get:

In addition to all Ductcalc.Ca standard calculation methods and features you get:
1. Full air flow range: 1 to 500000 [cfm] (1 to 235973 [L/s]).
2. Flexible duct sizing: as per 2017 ASHRAE Handbook Fundumentals Chapter 21 for Duct Design.
3. Duct material list: including Duct Liner, Flexible Duct, PVC, Alumunium, Galvanized Steel, Concrete and other materials as per 2017 ASHRAE Handbook Fundumentals Chapter 21 for Duct Design.
4. Compression correction for flexible duct: as per the above mentioned ASHRAE chapter.
5. Dimensions method to calculate air velocity and static pressure loss based on duct dimensions (useful for existing duct design inspection).
6. No advertisements.
7. Secure Stripe payment gateway.
8. We do not save any sensitive information such as (credit card numbers or bank account numbers, etc) on our servers. We only check your account payment status using Stripe secure API.
9. Support the continuous existence and development of Ductcalc.Ca.

What you pay:

1. You will pay a monthly subscription of USD 25 14.5 special valid for a few days tax included (if any).
2. Cancel subscription anytime from (account -> manage-premium).
3. Sorry for not offering any trials or refunds at the moment as this has been exploited by many people to use premium for free.
4. For long term subscription contracts or for advertisement, contact us directly using our contact form.
5. We provide special price packages for educational organizations. Your account will be linked to your organization email and may expire once you lose your status as teacher or student. Please contact us for more info.

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